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Plant-Based Academy Podcast

Through our podcast, we discuss everything related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Educating, motivating and inspiring others on how to live a healthy active plant-based lifestyle through our decades of experience.

We are proud authors of the Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto - a cookbook + an 8-week guide to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle - and SUSTAIN it.



Feb 22, 2011

In this episode of Active Vegetarian we discuss how to maintain a healthy weight, and stop the cycle of Yo-Yo dieting forever. And in the fitness tip, we talk about how to add pull ups and chin ups into your fitness routine, even if you can’t do a single one. Resources Our Suggested Home Pull […]

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Why Did You Go Vegan?

Feb 22, 2011

There are many reasons why people decide to live a plant based lifestyle. From health benefits, recovering from heart disease, religious believes to ethical reasons. Today I would like to pick your brain and find out what made you commit to the vegetarian /vegan lifestyle. Here is a great short video of Ellen...

Baked Apple Crisp With a Twist

Feb 17, 2011

This is an easy dessert that is a favorite for all ages. Although this could easily be classified as comfort food, this version of apple crisp is light and healthy and can be enjoyed without guilt Serve warm, topped with  vegan ice cream, for the ultimate flavor combination. This will test your thirty-minute capacity as...

Easiest Way To Get 100% Of Your Vitamin B-12

Feb 14, 2011

Zuzana made this quick video explaining the best way to get all of your recommended vitamin B-12. Check it out below. A lot of people are struggling with getting their Vitamin B-12, so if you have any Vitamin B-12 tips, please leave them in the comments below. Best, Joe

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How To Get Vitamin B-12 On A Vegan Diet

Feb 14, 2011 Zuzana from Active Vegetarian shares a quick tip to help you get 100% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin B-12 on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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