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Plant-Based Academy Podcast

Through our podcast, we discuss everything related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Educating, motivating and inspiring others on how to live a healthy active plant-based lifestyle through our decades of experience.

We are proud authors of the Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto - a cookbook + an 8-week guide to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle - and SUSTAIN it.



Nutty Burgers

Jan 25, 2013

These are delicious and hugely addicting vegan burgers. The seeds give the burgers a fantastic crunch and texture. You won’t be able to stop at just one…or two… Ingredients: 1/2 cup mushrooms 2 cup mixed nuts and seeds walnuts – almonds,walnuts, pumpkin seeds,flax seeds, sunflower seeds (soaked) 1...

WOW #8 – No Where To Run

Jan 16, 2013

  Planning a holiday?  Well you should never have an excuse why you couldn’t work out while you are away… Zuzana and I are bringing you another workout where there is NO equipment required! So NO EXCUSES! This workout is simple and all you need is preferably a hill, and some sort of ledge or […]

The post WOW #8...

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Jan 13, 2013

Yes its time for nice bowl of warming soup! There is nothing better then a steaming bowl of soup on cold winter day! There are many delicious variations of fall Soup, but one of my favourites is a recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Soup. If you haven’t had roasted cauliflower before, try it!  Even if cauliflower isn’t...