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Plant-Based Academy Podcast

Through our podcast, we discuss everything related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Educating, motivating and inspiring others on how to live a healthy active plant-based lifestyle through our decades of experience.

We are proud authors of the Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto - a cookbook + an 8-week guide to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle - and SUSTAIN it.



Chinese Style Green Beans

Aug 27, 2013

Chinese food is one of the great comfort foods,however it could be a caloric bomb waiting to destroy your physique!!!  Today we are sharing a healthy spin on the typical buffet style fried green beans. You can enjoy this delicious side dish without all the added sodium and oils. Add a cup of chickpeas and you have...

What You Absolutely Need to Know About Stretching

Aug 22, 2013

Stretching the Truth…   Stretching… such a contradicting subject and often a neglected component of the health and fitness world. I am sure there are a lot of you that wonder, is it necessary?, when should I do it?, How often should I stretch?, what type of stretching should I be doing? Sound familiar? Well...

Show me your breakfast….Vegan Parfait

Aug 16, 2013

This Vegan Berry Parfait is a creamy and dreamy our take on normal yogurt based parfaits. This mix of blueberries, strawberries and coconut satisfies all cravings and leaves you energized! Ingredients:  1 can full fat, organic coconut milk 1/3 cup cashews 1 tsp chia seeds 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2...