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Plant-Based Academy Podcast

Through our podcast, we discuss everything related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Educating, motivating and inspiring others on how to live a healthy active plant-based lifestyle through our decades of experience.

We are proud authors of the Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto - a cookbook + an 8-week guide to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle - and SUSTAIN it.



AV 031- 7 Morning Habits For Happier, Healthier, More Productive Day

Nov 6, 2014

A good day starts the moment you wake up. To have a good start, you must also have a good morning routine. The following are 7 small ways you can give your mornings a makeover and set yourself for an awesome day Download the episode Here! (17:44) DOWNLOAD: 7 Small Changes CHECK”sheet”

The post AV 031- 7 Morning...

Nov 1, 2014

A well-planned vegetarian diet can meet the needs of people of all ages, including children, teenagers, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. The key is to be aware of your nutritional needs so that you plan a diet that meets them. So what are some basic rules of eating healthy as a vegetarian? We will talk […]


May 5, 2014

In this episode we will look at most common social aspects of living a plant based life. Once you decide to adapt to this way of living you’ll find new favorite foods.  You’ll find out what you like and don’t like to eat.  You’ll find great new food options on menus and in your grocery […]

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